Do you have a healthy body image??

Hey there soul sister,

Okay.. so the question today is “Do you have a healthy body image?”.

The sad reality is that most women do not. Even women who are embracing a later season in their life tend to struggle with this area.

I hear women saying all of the time things like…

“I am so fat!”
“My legs are so gross!”
“I look terrible!”

It’s almost as if it’s become the common discussion amongst female friends. One of us will pay the other a compliment, and of course we can’t just say “thank you”, we always respond with something like “oh no girrrl, my ass is so fat right now!!”. You know what I am talking about right? You are having lunch with a group of girls, and the discussion is about everything that is “wrong” with them.

The bottom line is that until we start embracing and loving our bodies as God made us, we will be starving for a healthy body image.

I know this because I not only have struggled with this myself, but I have many friends and clients who still do as well.

Being loving, grateful, and kind to your body for all it does for us is the first step in heading toward a better body image.

The second step, is being committed to make a shift that you no longer want to continue the self-sabotage and negative self-abuse.

Being conscious of making this shift is critical to your success.

What we think about most often ends up expanding in our life. It is simple law of the universe, also known as the law of attraction which I will expand on another day.

Anyhow… if you want to create a healthier body image, you have to start visualizing yourself at your goal weight. During this process, you want to be grateful and loving to your body.

The more loving and grateful we are for what we do have, the more we will attract the things that we really want.

So if you are desiring to lose 20lbs.. you would create an affirmation around this.

Like— “I am enjoying letting go of these unnecessary 20lbs. They no longer serve me, and I no longer have any need for them. I feel so happy at my new weight of (fill in the blank”.

You then want to start envisioning yourself at that goals weight or size.

The more you continue to talk about how fat you are, the more you will continue to stay fat.

Not only does this conscious shift in perception of your body need to happen, but you also need to implement the proper steps and take immediate ACTION in reaching your goals.

My program The WOWMOMS Method, was designed for just that.

For more information.. you can read about the program highlights on the “about” page, or always feel free to email us with any questions.

In the mean time, the next time someone pays you a compliment… before you reject it… try to EMBRACE it and start slowly learning how to love your body for the amazing, miraculous, beautiful body it is!!

Have a beautiful day:)

In love and health,

Nicole Zeola