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Creating Real products, for Real People

World of Wellness was created to provide real nutrition and support for the people we love. These days, so much of what we eat is filled with toxins and poisons. Even when it comes to so-called “nutritional” supplements, most of us can't even pronounce the ingredients listed-- let alone understand what we are actually putting into our bodies. We are both mothers who met while struggling to find products we could feel good about giving to our growing families, and count on to keep us fit and healthy.

We stand behind the belief, "Less is more." Our products contain pure ingredients for those seeking optimal health and wellness. We scoured the globe and found, right here in the USA, grass-fed dairies to fuel our whey products—the cleanest that has ever been offered. We tapped into experts with decades of experience to help us make supplements and shakes that are not only the healthiest you can get, but the best tasting too.

The response from a year on the market has been one of overwhelming positivity, and even love. Along the way we found that husbands were stealing their wives’ protein shakes, and that moms had found them a safe supplement for their kids as well. We’ve also found that our slogan, “Holistic/Spiritual/Modern”, has become a surprisingly mainstream idea across the nation. Real families are demanding more, and celebrities and the media support that. We’re not your average “crunchy granola” gals, if anything you might call us Glam Hippies.

We’ve developed a wellness program inspired by the seven chakras that combine supplements with recipes and exercises (both physical and spiritual). We took this 30-Day Weight Loss & Wellness Challenge our selves with a group of 100 women and had spectacular results. We’ve thought of everything: our products are non-GMO; free of soy, glutens, and aspartame, they’re vegetarian, they’re paleo friendly, and they’re kosher. We use only natural ingredients and our meal replacement products are truly high vibration superfoods. Today, World Of Wellness is working on launching our kids line as well as plant based, vegan proteins. WOW is also in the process of getting USDA certified Organic as well as joining the non-GMO act against Genetically Modified foods.

Please join the World of Wellness tribe. On this site you can learn more about what’s in our products, how to use them, and how we can help you get the most out of life. With our newsletter and social media feeds you can get giveaways, offers and updates.

In love and light,
Jennifer and Nicole

Jennifer Stano

Nicole Zeola